Mrs. Nguyen's Cross-curricular Approach Mrs. Nguyen's Cross-curricular Approach Around the world inside the classroom! 17326302 Multi-cultural Mathematics Ancient Vietnamese game on digital interactive spinner used to teach probability (Grade 7) 17282562 Universal Language of Chemistry Student 3-D visualization of universal elements (Grade 8) 17326297 Life Science Model Jelly-fish can be found from Sidney to Santa Barbara. Student made model that floats! (Grade 7) 17326290 Environmental art or cross-section of grasshopper? Plague or valuable member of the ecosytem? Student made model from empty Sprite bottle...100% recycled materials used for this assignment! (Grade 7) 17326298 Scientific illustration of indigenous species! This assignment connects the study of Social Science to Art and to Science! U.S. bird species and the study of the various states of the United States! (Grade 8) 17326275 Assessment through visual arts! When student take pride in their accomplishments, one "masterpiece" can teach more than 3 lessons! (Grade 8) 17326294 Show it off! Open House exhibition of life science and art project showing indigenous American flowers! (Grade 7) 17326276 Battlefields of the Past! Student-created map depicting historic battle. (Grade 8) 17326292 Quilting Bee Collaboration! Colonial lesson in collaboration depicting wilderness themes and native motives. Hand quilted by students promotes appreciation for handicrafts, arts and history! (Grade 8) 17326277 Ouch! ...Hard work pays off!...Ahhh! Detail from hand-stiched quilt. Teaching to the Zone of Proximal Development! (Grade 8) 17326278 Celebrations across the oceans! Chinese and Vietnamese New Year are celebrated according to the lunar calendar! (Grade 7) 17326288 Life-sized is better! Students produce a replica of a Geisha as they learn about Japanese culture and the dynasties of the past! (Grade 7) 17326296 Gender Gap and Sports? "Bend it lke Beckham" Reading, sports and culture from India and the U.K. Lessons learned about respect towards the elder generation! (Grade 5) 17326289 Eggshell peace! Pretend Vietnamese lacquer art made from egg shell collage sends a powerful message of peace! Students use ancient techniques for contemporary symbols! Peace is as fragile as eggshell! (Grade 7) 17326273 Simple but powerful! Expressing a common dream for all peoples! Peace on earth! (Grade 7) 17326300 Worth 5 cents or 15 dollars? Teaching students about child labor and the injustices of the world! Student receives 5 cents from Mrs. Nguyen for a basket they have woven from Madagascar raffia for several weeks. Mrs. Nguyen then "sells" it on the world market for 15 Dollars? Fair? NOT! (Grade 7) 17326291 We are the people! Learning about world governance and leadership! Performance at parent meeting! (Grade 5) 17326301 Israeli shepherds dance! Performing arts through dance and movement allow students to express themselves. Christmas program for parent audience. (Grade 7) 17326299 Marvelous icon! Student art depicting imitation of Greek-orthodox icon. 17326274